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About LIQUORexam.com

The Mission We Pursue:

Our principal mission is to offer online learning courses that enhance workers’ access to state mandatory training, helping them acquire their certificates in a flexible, simplified environment.

To inform, educate, and inspire alcohol servers and sellers in their pursuit of building successful careers.

Setting the national standard for online alcohol serving courses through flexible, affordable, and accessible education programs.

Our Vision:

To amplify the capabilities of establishments across the US to ensure they are equipped with the legal training they need to operate successful businesses.

To become a globally impactful platform that empowers alcohol servers and establishments to surpass their potential.

To be the most technically sound platform by staying hooked on our mission and bringing out-of-the-box training to fruition while nurturing a mindset of excellence.

To be the leading platform while never losing view of our core values, strategic competency, and the best for our students as we visualize being their valued partner and benefit to our communities.

Our vision is to outdo expectations by becoming the core around which alcohol serving will be made safe, responsible, and enjoyable for those who we teach.

About Us:

LIQUORexam.com is a national alcohol service training program designed to teach owners, managers, and workers how to serve and sell alcohol legally and responsibly. Our fully online courses offer maximum flexibility while ensuring you’re equipped with the training and understanding you need to meet the laws and regulations of your specific state.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure individuals within the alcohol service industry have easy access to state-approved training so they can build successful careers with their establishment. Our courses offer a pass guarantee, full audio narration, and competitively low prices no matter what state you’re operating in and come with complementary support 7 days a week. These features and our determination to empower workers have enabled us to amass a strong reputation with establishments across the country. With over 20 years in business, we’ve helped over 200,000 professionals and continuously update our programs so our students can feel confident in the material they receive.

Our experience has allowed us to offer a comprehensive training solution for businesses with single or multiple locations that have several employees needing their certifications. With no waiting periods and a streamlined ability to track the training progress of your employees, we’ve designed a simplified process to get your workers certified and confident in both serving and selling to your customers.

From chain restaurants and local establishments to fairs and festivals, LIQUORexam.com is here to ensure your staff is prepared to develop sustainable, successful careers, anytime anywhere.

Core ValuesWe value P.E.O.P.L.E


To get great stuff done, fast. We see no limits and value our purpose to deliver quality, innovative, and superior training while combining our transparency with accessibility, driving reliable experiences.


Our people are the key to our success as we make sure equality above all so that everyone is treated alike, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, and religion.


To be the best we can and stay original in our service as we stay committed in our hearts and our minds by being professional in training.


We at LIQUORexam.com have the freedom to spread positive energy in the best interests of our students and employees as we contribute to bringing change and delivering the highest caliber training.


To show leadership as we stay accountable for our actions and committed to our students while delivering them quality training by doing the right thing always, even when it’s not easy.


      The goal is not really to maximize profits but really to run our platform in an ethical way as we believe in constant improvement.

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